Welcome to the TFA pages

It's been quite a while

After moving to a new site not much happened. I had a lot of plans but they
never came beyond the planning stage.

However, today I made the RC2 version of AMS-One V1.49 available. In the
4 years since the last verion nothing realy shocking was done. The main
fix was ASM-One's trouble with running on a MC68000 based system.

What is next ?

Well, I hope to do some coding on ASM-One and in the mean time I'm upping
pictures from my Amiga's, TFA and 'Parties I've been too' on a Dutch Amiga
site I discovered by accident ( Amiga Scene). If you have been
or still are a Dutch Amiga user then you should certainly give the site a
look ;-)

Boushh of TFA

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